Since 2010, Touro College Libraries has published the Faculty Publications book. Over time, the research footprint of the Touro College & University System has grown considerably. The Libraries' ability to identify and preserve published works has also grown over time.

The Libraries collect bibliometric data (data about publications) in two main ways. The first is a similar approach used in bibliometrics and scientometrics fields generally; using citation index databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, Pubmed, and Dimensions, among others. The publication data from these sources can be matched against known Touro authors who have the Touro College & University System as their affiliation on publications.

These data are not completely comprehensive, so we rely on the second approach to fill in the gaps. We ask Touro authors to send us their publications or fill out an online form at the beginning of every calendar year. By also checking department and System wide newsletters, such as Faculty Focus, we exhaust every source possible to ensure that the Faculty Publications book is as accurate as possible.

Below are graphs which show the growth of this project, which represents the growth of the institution as well.

Entries 2010-2020

Authors 2010-2020

In 2013, the scholarly works of New York Medical College were added to the Faculty Publications book, which accounts for the sharp increase in entries and authors that year. NYMC has a tradition of creating an author bibliography and celebration dating back to at least 1993. Recognizing the scholarly and creative works of our community is a service the Libraries is proud to offer.

Entires 2013-2020

Authors 2013-2020