Israel in the Making: Stickers, Stitches, and Other Critical Practices by Hagar Salamon (review)


The book shows the tensions between nation, communities, and individuals across the political and religious spectrums from right-wing hawks to leftist doves, from the ultrareligious to the Zionist secular. The book analyzes the dynamics of folk creativity by drawing on primary documents such as photos, interviews from a group of highly diverse voices and perspectives across the political spectrum, and secondary academic folklorists and cultural critics. The various studies in the book reflect the author’s focus on the seemingly obvious and marginal expressions of folk creativity that reveal profound perceptions, deep-rooted emotions and identities, and what Julia Kristeva might locate as a feminist linguistic semiotics. The book itself becomes a kind of collage illustrating Israeli culture in the dynamic process of its making. The book raises questions of belonging and exclusion and political and religious group identities exposing intergroup relations

Publication Date

Summer 6-2021


doi: 10.3138/jrpc.2019-0052