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An Original Suprapannicular Incision Technique for Cesarean Delivery in the Morbidly Obese Parturient

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September 2018


Obstetrics and Gynecology


BACKGROUND: Obese patients are at an increased risk of cesarean delivery and its associated wound complications. We present an alternative incision technique for obese parturients that avoids making a Pfannenstiel incision under the panniculus while still providing access to the lower uterine segment. TECHNIQUE: For our technique, an assistant uses Allis clamps to exert caudal traction on the patient's panniculus and a transverse skin incision is made under the umbilicus, 3 cm below the line joining the anterosuperior iliac crests. On entry to the abdominal cavity, a wound retractor is placed to optimize access to the lower uterine segment so that a low transverse uterine incision can be made. EXPERIENCE: We have used this incision technique on 17 obese patients with no incidence of intraoperative complications, no requirement to perform a vertical hysterotomy incision, and no postoperative wound infections. CONCLUSION: Our technique is a feasible alternative incision for obese parturients that avoids making a subpannicular Pfannenstiel incision and still allows for good access to the lower uterine segment.