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Human Papilloma Virus-Type 16 (HPV-16) & Human Herpes Virus-Type 8 (HHV-8) Infections Were Found to be Co-Existing Major Cancer-Contributing Factors. Individualized, Safe, Effective Treatment of Hopelessly Advanced Cancer Patients with Metastasis by Combining 4 Methods of Effective Treatment: 1) Optimal Dose of Vitamin D3 Using its 10 Unique Beneficial Effects, 2) Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method, 3) Stimulation of Newly Discovered Thymus Gland Representation Areas on the Back of Each Hand, & 4) Identification & Removal of Co-Existing Cancer-Contributing Factors

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September 2018


Family and Community Medicine


The article presents a study that described how human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16) and human herpes virus-type 8 infections are non-invasively detected and how to reduce the infections by the use of optimal dose of vitamin D3 to safe range. A method of determining individualized optimal dose of vitamin D3 is presented. The significance of co-existing the infections with single-cell parasite toxoplasma gondii is discussed. Example of the eggs with HPV-16 infection is shown.