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Mechanism of Formation of Non-immune Rosettes Between Guinea-Pig Thymus-Derived Lymphocytes and Rabbit Erythrocytes

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January 1977




Several observations reported here suggest that spontaneous rosette formation between rabbit erythrocytes and guinea-pig T lymphocytes is mediated by natural anti-guinea-pig T-cell antibodies bound to the surface of the rabbit erythrocyte. First, normal rabbit sera frequently contain antibodies specifically cytotoxic for guinea-pig T lymphocytes. Second, the activity of rabbit erythrocytes in spontaneous rosette formation is reduced after incubation for 5 days at pH 6-1, but can be restored to levels seen with fresh erythrocytes by a brief incubation in normal rabbit serum containing natural anti-guinea-pig antibodies; normal serum absorbed with thymocytes does not restore activity to the erythrocytes. Third, the activity of rabbit erythrocytes in forming spontaneous rosettes can be specifically blocked by treatment with anti-allotype and heterologous anti-Ig sera.

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