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Nucleolin Is a Functional Binding Protein for Salinomycin in Neuroblastoma Stem Cells

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February 2019


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


The aim of this study is to illuminate a novel therapeutic approach by identifying a functional binding target of salinomycin, an emerging anticancer stem cell (CSC) agent, and to help dissect the underlying action mechanisms. By utilizing integrated strategies, we identify that nucleolin (NCL) is likely a salinomycin-binding target and a critical regulator involved in human neuroblastoma (NB) CSC activity. Salinomycin markedly suppresses NB CD34 expression and reduces CD34+ cell population in an NCL-dependent manner via disruption of the interaction of NCL with CD34 promoter. The elevated levels of NCL expression in NB tumors are associated with poor patient survival. Altogether, these results indicate that NCL is likely a novel functional salinomycin-binding target that exhibits the potential to be a prognostic marker for NB therapy.