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Meal-Related Acyl and Des-Acyl Ghrelin and Other Appetite-Related Hormones in People with Obesity and Binge Eating

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OBJECTIVE: Potential mechanisms of abnormal food intake, such as dysregulation of meal-related appetite hormones, including acyl ghrelin (AG) and des-acyl ghrelin (DAG), were investigated among men and women with obesity, with and without binge eating (BE).

METHODS: Participants (n = 42: 19 female, 23 male) were assigned to a liquid meal and water condition in counterbalanced order, and blood samples for measuring hormones were obtained before and after these conditions.

RESULTS: Participants with BE had significantly lower fasting and postingestive AG concentrations than participants without BE in both conditions. During the meal condition, postprandial decreases in AG concentrations were significantly smaller for the BE group than for the non-BE group. There were no significant differences in DAG by BE group. Leptin increased significantly less after meals for those with BE compared with those without BE. There were no differences in other hormones by BE group. Fasting and postmeal hunger ratings were significantly higher for those with BE than for those without BE.

CONCLUSIONS: In individuals with BE, lower fasting AG may be due to downregulation by habitual overeating, and a smaller postmeal decline in AG may contribute to overeating. Lower postmeal leptin concentrations may also contribute to overeating.

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