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The Heightened Risk of Acquiring a Deadlier Coronavirus COVID-19 Respiratory Infection in Individuals with Pre-Existing Lyme and Related Tick Borne Infections

Robert A. Ollar, New York Medical College


The literature cites the fact that 4 - 60% of patients with Lyme disease (LD) were additionally co-infected with Babesia, Anaplasma or Rickettsia [1,2]. Garg., et al also make it quite clear that ticks harbor many different pathogenic organisms [1]. A tick-borne infection is thus a multi-pathogenic event and is not a classic case of one pathogen one disease [1].

In a research investigation derived from mouse and human studies, it was discovered that pathogenesis associated with tick borne organisms could cause immune dysfunction [1,3,4]. Tick Borne Disease victims must therefore produce immune responses to various tick related pathogens [1].