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Healthy Sleep Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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When one considers the big picture of their health, sufficient sleep may often go overlooked as a keystone element in this picture. Insufficient sleep in either quality or duration is a growing problem for our modern society. It is essential to look at what this means for our health because insufficient sleep increases our risks of innumerable lifechanging diseases. Beyond increasing the risk of developing these diseases, it also makes the symptoms and pathogenesis of many diseases worse. Additionally, consistent quality sleep can not only improve our physical health but has also been shown to improve mental health and overall quality of life. Substandard sleep health could be a root cause for numerous issues individuals may be facing in their lives. It is essential that physicians take the time to learn about how to educate their patients on sleep health and try to work with them on an individual level to help motivate lifestyle changes. Facilitating access to sleep education for their patients is one way in which physicians can help provide patients with the tools to improve their sleep health. Throughout this paper, we will review the mechanisms behind the relationship between insufficient sleep health and chronic disease and what the science says about how inadequate sleep health negatively impacts the overall health and the quality of our lives. We will also explain the lifechanging effects of sufficient sleep and how we can help patients get there.