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Defining Outcome Measures for Psoriasis: The IDEOM Report from the GRAPPA 2016 Annual Meeting

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May 2017




The International Dermatology Outcome Measures (IDEOM) psoriasis working group was established to develop core domains and measurements sets for psoriasis clinical trials and ultimately clinical practice. At the 2016 annual meeting of the Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, the IDEOM psoriasis group presented an overview of its progress toward developing this psoriasis core domain set. First, it summarized the February 2016 meeting of all involved with the IDEOM, highlighting patient and payer perspectives on outcome measures. Second, the group presented an overview of the consensus process for developing the core domain set for psoriasis, including previous literature reviews, nominal group exercises, and meeting discussions. Future plans include the development of working groups to review candidate measures for at least 2 of the domains, including primary pathophysiologic manifestations and patient-reported outcomes, and Delphi surveys to gain consensus on the final psoriasis core domain set.