Medical Education/Faculty Development

Medical Education/Faculty Development

You can find a full list of Grand Rounds on our Events page.


Submissions from 2023

1st GME Foundational Research Skills Seminar, Fawaz Al-Mufti MD; Marie Ascher MS, MPH; Caroline McKinley MLS; Elizabeth Drugge PhD, MPH; and Jennifer Salcedo MD (Article)

Just-In-Time Teaching Techniques, Henrietta Paz-Amour MSIN (Presentation)

Submissions from 2022

How to Keep Up with Medical Literature and Be a Better Reader, Vinayak Prasad MD (Presentation)

LGBTQIA + Health Education: Turning Alphabet Soup into Cohesive and Comprehensive curricula, Lauren Roth MD (Presentation)

MedEd/Faculty Development: The East Africa Training Initiative in Pulmonary Medicine: A Model for Capacity Building in Resource-Limited Settings, Neil Schluger MD (Presentation)

Submissions from 2021

Medical Education Grand Rounds: Student Centered Learning, Don't Let the Process Be the Enemy of the Outcome, David Elkowitz MD (Presentation)

Medical Education Grand Rounds: Just in Time Clinical Teaching, Alice Fornari EdD (Presentation)

Unconscious Bias for Clinical Professionals, Michelle Johnson Senior Director Diversity and Inclusion (Presentation)

MedEd Grand Rounds: Putting the Horse before the Cart Competency-Based Assessment in Medical Education, Matthew Kapklein MD (Presentation)

MedEd Grand Rounds: Give Me a First Year Medical Student and I'll Give you a Doctor- Introduction to HILLS Mentorship Program, Lidia Klepacz MD, Sean Lynch, and Sivan Shahar (Poster)

Re-Imagining Medical Student Assessment in the Context of Changes to Step 1 and Step 2, Jennifer Kogan MDDS (Presentation)

MedEd Grand Rounds: Concepts and Design for Developing Adaptive Expertise in Medicine, Maria Mylopoulos PhD (Presentation)

Medical Education Grand Rounds: Reaching the “Activation Energy” for Self-Directed Learning, John Pelley PhD, MBA (Presentation)

Medical Education Grand Rounds: Reimagining Well-Being Interventions, Stuart Slavin MD (Presentation)

HeLa Diversity & Inclusion: Deadly Disparities: Maternal Morbidity and Mortality, Sean Tedjarati MD; Ugochi Akoma MD; Ashanda Saint Jean MD; Angela Campbell EdD, MPH; and Mecca E. Mitchell (Presentation)

Submissions from 2020

MedEd Grand Rounds-Making Your Teaching Count Twice Through Educational Scholarship, Grace Huang MD (Presentation)