Fertility Preservation in Pubertal and Pre-Pubertal Boys with Cancer

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March 2018


Children diagnosed with cancer continue to have improved survival due to advances in effective treatment options. Increased attention is therefore now focused on quality of life issues once they are cured. Fertility preservation is of paramount concern since gonadotoxic treatments, especially radiation and chemotherapy, often impair future fertility. The importance of family counseling and having an informed discussion about the potential for treatment to impair fertility and the options available for fertility preservation is crucial. However, fertility preservation in prepubertal boys is challenging, but not impossible. Experimental methods are being investigated including cryopreservation of immature testicular tissue, xenografting, and in vitro germ cell maturation. Despite the success and relative ease of sperm banking, barriers exist and affect the number of patients offered treatment. Education and awareness of the possibilities can overcome these barriers. In this way we will continue to preserve young patients' future fertility and quality of life.