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Purpose: The current survey aims to determine the various ways in which urologists at all levels of training view the nature of their relationships with industry representatives, and the effects these relationships may have on clinical practice and behavior. Methods: We sent an anonymous SurveyMonkey® questionnaire to a cohort of approximately 1700 practicing urologists in various urologic subspecialties across the country. The questionnaire elicited information related to demographics, personal awareness of institutional guidelines regarding PR/DMR, and opinions regarding the following: •the ability of industry-supplied gifts to compromise judgment •the utility and appropriateness of industry representatives in the clinical setting •the effects of governmental regulations addressing physician-industry contact •the effects of receipt of promotional items in influencing clinical behaviors •the need for laws governing physician contact with industry representatives Opinions were reported on 5-point Likert scales ranging from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree” allowing the respondent the freedom to be “Undecided”. Finally, a free text response was made available at the end of the survey for comments and feedback regarding the survey. In the analysis phase “Strongly Agree” and “Agree” responses were pooled, as were “Strongly Disagree” and “Disagree”. Four respondents were excluded from the final analysis because they failed to complete the opinions sections regarding PR/DMR.

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