Volume V

About The Cover

While the focus of students at New York Medical College is primarily academic, they are encouraged to participate fully in campus life, to devote themselves to service to the community, and to invest time and energy in building relationships that will enrich them for a lifetime. Balancing the new changes and challenges that medical school brings is not an easy task. The cover includes pictures of a few of the many students that work hard to maintain this equilibrium.



My White Coat
Shmuel Golfeyz


Poetry and Creative Writing


Parasitic Poetry
Zachary LoVerde



Balancing Change
Ramsey Saba, Jordan Whatley, Amin Esfahani, and Michael Rahimi

Editors in Chief

  • Amin Esfahani
  • Michael Rahimi

Managing Editors

  • Molly Deacutis
  • David Gedeon
  • Ryan Lippell
  • Victoria Mock
  • Jordan Whatley

Senior Art Editors

  • Jin Packard
  • John Palla
  • Ramsey Saba

Executive Faculty Advisor

  • Gladys M. Ayala, MD, MPH

Editorial Board

  • Gladys Ayala, MD, MPH
  • Francis Belloni, PhD
  • Christopher Cimino, MD
  • Montgomery Douglas, MD
  • Jan Geliebter
  • Kenneth Lerea, PhD
  • Stephen Moshman, MD
  • Padmini Murthy, MD
  • Elliott Perla, MD
  • Susan Rachlin, MD
  • Sansar Sharma, PhD
  • Sean Kivlehan, MD, MPH
  • Edward Hurley, MD
  • Jenny Lam, MD
  • Annabelle Teng, MD
  • Dennis Toy, MD
  • Linda DeMello
  • Navid Shams
  • Amin Esfahani
  • Michael Rahimi

Staff Editors

  • Xiomara Antonetti
  • Maximillian Blanter
  • Christina Cannon
  • Roopa Chari
  • Jonathan Drake
  • Matthew Duda
  • Padraic Gerety
  • Izuchukwu Ibe
  • Meghan Kiley
  • Maximilian Klein
  • Preethi Kochhar
  • Jennifer Leong
  • Meaghan Roche
  • Yiyi Liu
  • Christopher Meltsakos
  • Selaiman Noori
  • Amy Reed
  • Meaghan Roche
  • Sherise Rogers
  • Yalda Shahram
  • Parvati D. Singh
  • Jane Song
  • Tamara Tanner
  • Roberto Trasolini
  • John Wainwright
  • Christopher Withers