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Breast cancer is rampant in today’s world. Because there are many different cases and so many different ways to classify breast cancer, a multidisciplinary approach must be taken. Many patients undergo breast conserving surgery which creates a need for the eradication of any remaining tumor residue through radiation. Fifty Gy of radiation should be applied to the breast with an additional 16 Gy as a boost. If a mastectomy is performed to remove a large tumor and 4 or more positive lymph nodes were present, radiation should be applied as well. If the tumor expresses HER2 protein, Trastuzumab should be given to “turn off” the protein. If a patient’s cancer is hormone receptor positive, Tamoxifen should be given. If, however, the patient is premenopausal, the Tamoxifen must be given together with ovarian suppressors.



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