The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


Aron Yaghar


This research paper discusses oral cavity cancer, which is one of the 11th most common cancers in the world. According to newer research, some important possible causes include smokeless tobacco, marijuana, and citrus fruits. Some research attributes it to one’s genetic makeup and include exposure to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and diagnosis of Diabetes mellitus, all in conjunction with one’s age. In this research paper, each of these factors are discussed in depth, and their association with this illness is considered and debated. Review of the literature reveals that the high concentrations of nicotine found in smokeless tobacco products is deleterious to oral health. Citrus fruits have been shown to prevent oral cancer. Multiple studies reviewed implicated HPV-16 and HPV-18 as having a gross etiologic role in many cancers of the oropharynx and the oral cavity. The causes for this cancer have been previously attributed to inaccurate, or unclear factors. This paper works to identify some unfamiliar factors that could quite possibly be important risk factors for this illness. Much of this research is fairly new and requires additional studies to substantiate the causes and help raise awareness, especially in lesser developed countries.



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