The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


Jonathan Knobel


Background: Onychomycosis is a highly prevalent nail infective disorder. Many treatments, with varied success rates and side effects, are used. Objectives: To assess the most recommended treatment for Onychomycosis with the optimal cure rate and least severe side effects. Search Methods: PubMed, ProQuest, EBSCO Multisearch, and Google Scholar were used to gather information. Search terms such as “Onychomycosis,” and “Effective treatments for Onychomycosis” etc. were used. Results: Effective treatments include oral, topical, nail avulsion, and laser treatments. Topical treatments have low cure rates and minimal side effects. Oral treatments have various side effects but the highest mycological and clinical cure rates. Laser treatments yield high cure rates and minimal to none side effects, but a small chance of recurrence of the Onychomycosis is possible. Conclusion: For those who are not susceptible to adverse effects, Oral treatment is the recommended treatment. For individuals who have pre-existing conditions that may be harmed by adverse effects of medication, Laser should be the sought treatment. Topical treatments are not recommended due to its low efficacy rate.



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