The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


This paper aims to evaluate the option of utilizing Oncolytic Viruses as a viable treatment in fighting cancer. However, due to the broad nature of the subject, a more limited purview is necessary. With that in mind, the focus will be on a few of the more researched ones: Reovirus, Adenovirus, and HSV-1. In each case, we will examine what makes each of these potential options. This will include an examination of each one's tumor-specificity. Cancer and viral physiology will be discussed as necessary to examine the distinct protein expressions in tumor cells, so that the virus's method of battling the host's cell defense is only effective for cancer cells. In addition, its strength and weaknesses in terms of battling metastasized cancers, overall efficacy, as well as its capability to be used in tandem with other treatments will be discussed. Included in this analysis is the current prognosis of OV as demonstrated in several clinical trials. Finally, we will summarize several current obstacles to OV and some suggested solutions.