The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


It would seem that differentiation of stem cells is the remedy of modern times. Yet stem cell research is more complex that the public may recognize and is still in the developmental stage. Recent breakthroughs show promise; various guidelines provide structure to this growing field but it is not ready for gross public application. The objective of this paper is to research various different methods of stem cell production and application. Methods included reviewing articles and studies to evaluate the process in production of affective stem cells. There are many therapies that illustrate this research. Upon completing and explaining this phase, further analysis of research presented risk factors such as negative immune responses, tumor, and teratoma formation are discussed. This paper further examines the different complications that may be triggered by stem cell therapy. The danger analysis is briefed to describe the risks involved in stem cell therapy while explaining the ongoing research and discoveries to assist in limiting these risks. This paper culminated with the success of the most affective form of therapy to date. There are ongoing studies directed to limiting stem cell therapy for safe and risk-free application. Nevertheless, no definite conclusion can be reached as to how stem cells can be limited to the point of remaining simultaneously pluripotent and effective.