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Objectives: To describe the evaluation system used to identify curricular issues within a pre-clinical biomedical science course in a Pharm.D program and report the difference in outcome after implementation of the resulting changes.

Method: Course content, sequence of delivery and integration of topics with other courses in the relevant tracks were reviewed to identify discrepancies. Evaluation feedback from students and faculty were obtained from E-value online course evaluation system, and end of course discussion reports. Student performance in the course before and after implementing the recommended changes were compared to assess their effectiveness.

Results: Content duplications and discord in the delivery sequence were identified within the course and corrected accordingly. Infectious disease content was also added in the form of interactive group cases. The information obtained from evaluations by students and faculty were compiled as a list of recommendations communicated to the course coordinator, as guidelines to alter the structure and content of the course. The overall class average earned by students enrolled in the course increased by 12% and the mean score obtained for course effectiveness in the E-value course evaluation tool improved by 0.5 points (in a scale of 1 to 5) after changes.

Implications: The data indicates a probable improvement in student learning as a result of the assessment driven course changes. But the student performance comparison data are restricted to 2 cohorts which limits the reliability of the results thus requiring further investigation.

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Originally published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 79(5) [Article S4]. Reprinted with permission. doi:10.5688/ajpe795S4


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