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Master of Arts in Education (MA)

MA Concentration

Teaching and Learning


Dan Beltramo, Jim O'Connor


Agreements (AUP) acknowledging the importance of Internet access to classroom activities. The University of California Regents and the California State University system have included I full year of visual art education as an entry requirement of high school graduates. When combined, these two facts lead the inquiry of this paper. Questions pondered include, "What are effective uses of technology in secondary education? What happens when high school art students engage in technology based instruction? What education technologies are available to art teachers? How can incorporating art and technology across the curriculum affect learning? This paper attempts to explore effective uses of art and technology in secondary education through an extensive literature review. Findings highlight the benefits of incorporating the arts across the curriculum, a constructivist use for technology .in the classroom and combining technology with art education. When students have an opportunity to create, they have an opportunity to imagine, express themselves and reflect on their world. Technology used to supplement constructivist pedagogy offers students a way to use advanced thinking skills to learn.