Ann Dearborn

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independent reading, blogs, comprehension, collaboration


According to the National Education Association (2015), time spent reading is one of the crucial components of becoming a good reader. Although studies of literacy have always been important so that educators know if they are meeting their goals, with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) (2010) these studies have become more crucial. Educators need literacy studies to see if students are preparing for college and career readiness, using and citing evidence, and building more content knowledge around complex texts. These skills take practice and encompass the 4C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

This action research will be conducted with one fifth grade class to assess if the use of communication and collaboration via a class blog will make a difference in students engagement in reading. Studies have shown that the integration of technology in the learning process tends to engage students more than the traditional paper and pencil (Pearson, A., 2010). It is important to note that this will also include a collaboration piece where students will be expected to respond to a classmate’s blog as well as write their own.

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