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silent reading, engagement, interactive journals, SSR, literacy


One great challenge that educators face is how to engage students in reading, especially the struggling readers. In order to be successful in all academic areas, Student Engagement During SSR 1 students must be able to read at a proficient level. However, in classrooms all across the country, there are students that are not reading at grade level. One way to do this is to build in time to do silent reading in the classroom so that students have the opportunity to read material that is engaging and at their level. Additionally, when given time to read independently, students should be held accountable for their reading. This is an important piece that is needed so that the time that is given to read does become meaningful. This will let students know that they will have to produce some work based on what they read. This proposed research will study the effectiveness of interactive journals in engaging students during Sustained Silent Reading in a fifth grade class. With the idea of using interactive journals, this will bring the 21st Century Skills into the classroom. Students will be able to communicate digitally, collaborate, and bring some creativity into their journals, as well as accountability.

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