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This report describes the examination, intervention, and outcome for a patient with CRPS type I treated with ART®. The patient was diagnosed with CRPS following a grade II ATFL sprain. For two months, treatment consisted of weekly 45-minute sessions including ART® in combination with self-massage, desensitization, joint mobilization, gait training, therapeutic exercise, and patient education. A brief reexamination was performed weekly. A clinically significant increase of 13 points on the LEFS was measured after eight weeks of treatment, as were improvements in quality of gait and gait distance. In addition, the patient experienced the return of ankle range of motion to normal. Throughout the treatment period, a decrease in pain and an increase in functional capacity were noted by way of patient report to supplement the objective outcome measures (which were few). CRPS continues to be a vague and complex syndrome that is difficult to treat. ART® may be an effective intervention in the physical therapy management of CRPS by way of its proposed effects of restoring optimal function and texture to the hypo mobile soft tissues as well as compromised nerves and vasculature found in patients with CRPS.

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Originally published in Journal of Physical Fitness, Medicine & Treatment in Sports, 1(1) [Article 555553]. Licensed under CC BY 4.0. The original material can be found here.