A selection of poems: “Anamnesis” [Anamnez], “In a fit of coughing” [Zakashlyavshis'], “The Patient Felt Better” [Bol'nomu Polegchalo], A Spell [Moroka], a Long Poem, Grace [Blagodat'], a Long Poem, “Fetters of Crossroads” [Puty rasputii], “Amid the Crowds Walking in Ring” [Sredi Shagayushchikh Po Krugu Tolp], “When you clean a mess in spring” [Kogda po vesne razbirayesh], “A Man Comes into the World”[Chelovek Prikhodit v Mir], “A Lodestar” [Putevodnaia zvezda],“In the Memory of Osip Mandelstam” [Pamiati Osipa Mandelstama], “Weeds grow from our forgotten past” [Nashe byloie byl'yom poroslo], “Don't Build a Monument to Equality” [Ne Stav'te Pamiatnika Ravenstvu], “A man burned in hell” [Chelovek sgorevshii v adu], Two Sides of a Medal [Dve Storony Medali], a long poem

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