A selection of poems entitled A Hymn to a Chained Being [Gimn tsepnomu bytiyu]: “Two World Wars Passed” [Proshli Dve Voiny Mirovye], When the Spirit Is Caught off Guard” [Kogda Vrasploh Zahvatyat Duh], “Taken in hand with strings” [Peistrunili na strunah], “Paradontosis Is in the Roots of the Language” [V Kornyah u Yazyka Paradontoz], “Suddenly one is posessed by verse, and a line falls down from the roof” [Vdrug stih naidyot, sletayet strochka s kryshi], “One Is Sad, Another Is Raging…” [Odin Grustit, Drugoi Vpadayet v Razh], “he old gray mare ain't what she used to be” [Ukatali krutyie gorki].

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