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The discipline of Hassidic Philosophy, which emanates from a particular movement in Orthodox Judaism called Hassidism, begins with the premise that all of creation is a dichotomous world of opposites with both sides in a perpetual conflict with one another. The human construct is therefore a dichotomous spiritual entity manifested in the physical world through a mind-body. One side of this soul is the Godly intellect giving rise to the human identity or self-awareness and the other side is the animal soul whose purpose is to galvanize the body. Having learned that this discipline provides its followers with tools for behavioral transformation through inner conflict resolution, I find that it offers a clearer understanding of the spiritual component of holistic health and nursing theory as well as a tool for behavioral transformation that has practical application in nursing practice. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present the basic constructs of Hassidism as it pertains to human behavior, demonstrate its compatibility with existing nursing theory and offer a new methodology for advanced practice nurses (APN’s) to assist their clients in achieving behavioral transformation through inner conflict resolution.

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Originally published in Clinical Journal of Nursing Care and Practice, 2, 1-7. The original material can be found here.

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