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A Jurassic (Bathonian-Callovian) brachiopod fauna from Jordan consists of seven rhynchonellid species all belonging to the genus Daghanirhynchia of which two are new: Daghanirhynchia rawyaensis and D. jordanica. Emended diagnoses are given for Daghanirhynchia daghaniensis and D. macfadyeni. Additional taxa described include Daghanirhynchia angulocostata, D. susanae and D. triangulata. Threedimensional reconstructions illustrate the internal morphology of the articulated shells for the first time in this genus. The material studied herein was collected from Wadi Zarqa in northwestern Jordan, almost due north of the Dead Sea, and to the east of the Rift Valley. Most species seem to be geographically restricted within the Jurassic Ethiopian Province, however specimens from Somalia and Ethiopia are larger in size than in other parts of the Province and shell size increases in stratigraphically younger specimens. The occurrence of Daghanirhynchia in India is the only appearance of the genus outside the Ethiopian Province.

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Originally published in Geologica Acta, 12(1), 1-18. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. doi:10.1344/105.000002072

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