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Various cancers, cardiovascular diseases and brain problems can be screened quickly by detection of visible and invisible abnormal findings appearing at organ representation areas.Using strong electromagnetic field resonance phenomenon between 2 identical molecules or tissues,known as O-Ring Test, for which US patent was given, we can identify any molecules non-invasively. Using this method, we were able to map accurate organ representation areas at different parts of the body surfaces. Abnormality always appears as visible or non-visible changes. In cancer positive areas, we found significant increases in OncogenC-fosAb2, Integrin α5 β1, & 8-OH-dG and significant decrease in Taurine&1α, 25 (OH)2D3 (T &1…D3). In various brain problems, Acetylcholine is markedly reduced to 1ng or less. In the abnormal areasrepresenting the heart, there is significant increase in Cardiac Troponin I and significant decrease in T & 1…D3. In memory and motor problems, there is a marked reduction in Acetylcholine, T & 1…D3. Inthe presence of malignancies, organ representation areas have visible and invisible changes. These invisible changes can be detected using simple method of O-Ring Test. In the case of eyebrow representation areas, both for heart diseases and cancers, atabnormal organ representation area, first color of hair becomes whiter, and then hair starts disappearing. When problem progresses, there will be no hair.For diagnosis of cancer of digestive system, particularly colon cancers, they are represented at the right corner of mouth to lower lip next to it. Often they don’t show any visible changes, but O-Ring Test shows a high negative value of (-)6 or more when there is a possibility of malignancy. Cardiovascular systems are represented in the left upper lip, starting near the center. We recently discovered that various cancers can be screened and diagnosed through rapidly changing QRS Complex of ECGs. “Mouth, Hand and Foot Writings” of right & left sides of body (which take 10 mins to complete) were developed& improved during past 15 years to make permanent medical record & quick non-invasive diagnosis & evaluation of any therapeutic effect of various cancers including brain tumors & bone marrow related malignancies including early stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma & various leukemias


Presented at the 4th Global Acupuncture & Therapists Annual Meeting and International Conference on Holistic Medicine & Holistic Nursing, July 14-16, 2016, Philadelphia, USA

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Originally published in Alternative and Integrative Medicine. Licensed under CC-BY 4.0. DOI: 10.4172/2327-5162.C1.013