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Pilot Trial of the hu14.18-IL2 Immunocytokine in Patients with Completely Resectable Recurrent Stage III or Stage IV Melanoma

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October 2018




Phase I testing of the hu14.18-IL2 immunocytokine (IC) in melanoma patients showed immune activation, reversible toxicities, and a maximal tolerated dose of 7.5 mg/m(2)/day. Preclinical data in IC-treated tumor-bearing mice with low tumor burden documented striking antitumor effects. Patients with completely resectable recurrent stage III or stage IV melanoma were scheduled to receive 3 courses of IC at 6 mg/m(2)/day i.v. on days 1, 2 and 3 of each 28-day course. Patients were randomized to complete surgical resection either following neoadjuvant (Group A) or prior to adjuvant (Group B) IC course 1. Primary objectives were to: (1) evaluate histological evidence of anti-tumor activity and (2) evaluate recurrence-free survival (RFS) and OS. Twenty melanoma patients were randomized to Group A (11 patients) or B (9 patients). Two Group B patients did not receive IC due to persistent disease following surgery. Six of 18 IC-treated patients remained free of recurrence, with a median RFS of 5.7 months (95% confidence interval (CI) 1.8-not reached). The 24-month RFS rate was 38.9% (95% CI 17.5-60.0%). The median follow-up of surviving patients was 50.0 months (range: 31.8-70.4). The 24-month OS rate was 65.0% (95% CI 40.3-81.5%). Toxicities were similar to those previously reported. Exploratory tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) analyses suggest prognostic value of TILs from Group A patients. Prolonged tumor-free survival was seen in some melanoma patients at high risk for recurrence who were treated with IC.


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