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The endothelial glycocalyx (EG) is a gel-like layer lining the luminal surface of healthy vascular endothelium. Recently, the EG has gained extensive interest as a crucial regulator of endothelial funtction, including vascular permeability, mechanotransduction, and the interaction between endothelial and circulating blood cells. The EG is degraded by various enzymes and reactive oxygen species upon pro-inflammatory stimulus. Ischemia-reperfusion injury, oxidative stress, hypervolemia, and systemic inflammatory response are responsible for perioperative EG degradation. Perioperative damage of the EG has also been demonstrated, especially in cardiac surgery. However, the protection of the EG and its association with perioperative morbidity needs to be elucidated in future studies. In this review, the present knowledge about EG and its perioperative implication is discussed from an anesthesiologist's perspective.

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Originally published in Korean Journal of Anesthesiology, 71(2), 92-102. The original material can be found here.

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