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Frequent Waking Up for Urination &/or Painful Leg Cramp(s) in Advanced Aged Patients During Sleep was One of Important Causes of Fall & Fracture Which are Major Causes of Disability & Death. These Problems can be Reduced by Simple Change of Available Pillow from Regular Position to Vertical Position Which Can Cover Back of Both Head & Part of Chest Which Improve Abnormal Condition of Spine & Thymus Gland Function

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March 2018


Family and Community Medicine


This author began to have backache and also noticed that one side of the heel of the shoe was rapidly diminishing and his back began to bend forward. Because of this, before sleeping, he put a large, flat, wooden board above the bed and after covering the wooden board, with soft sheet, he began to sleep on this board every night. He noticed that after he started using this flat, wooden board, he began to wake up every night every 2.5~3 hours without urinary tract infections. Since other people noticed that the author seemed to be walking with his body bent forward instead of straight, he examined the effects of inserting one small soft pillow under his back. Suddenly, he noticed that frequency of waking up during sleeping reduced to half. But when he slept again without placing additional pillow, his painful leg cramps & frequent urination returned. Eventually, we found very simple solution of keeping continuous sleep without frequent waking up in the middle of the night due to frequent urination or leg cramps by simply changing regular, soft pillow from horizontal position to vertical position so that both back of head & back of part of the chest will be covered using same one pillow. We were able to reproduce similar effects with other people. Concerning the physiological mechanism, using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT; received US Patent for non-invasive diagnosis in 1993), we can determine noninvasively any abnormal parts of the body or identifies if anyone bent their body forward, BDORT of entire body became most undesirable strong negative (-)6~(-)12 value with marked reduction of Thymosin α1 & Thymosin β4, while when the back is kept straight, BDORT is beneficial positive (+)6~(+)12 value with significant increase in both Thymosins. Undesirable similar BDORT strong negative (-)12 response was detected when any person slept on most of the bed with one positive pillow, but changing soft BDORT (+) pillow from horizontal position to vertical position reaching lower end of scapular bone or most of thoracic vertebra made BDORT strong positive (+)12, which can be obtained also by optimal dose of essential, nutritional substance (i.e. optimal dose of Vitamin D3 which has 10 unique, beneficial effects) is taken. Therefore, treatment of any disease with combined use of vertically placed BDORT (+) pillow & optimal dose of Vitamin D3 during sleep is highly beneficial, since both methods significantly increased the release of Thymosin α1 (which has powerful anti-cancer & anti-inflammatory effects) and Thymosin β4 (improves the cardiovascular system) significantly.