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The Effect of Excision of the Site of Application on the Induction of Delayed Contact Sensitivity

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December 1971




The effect of excision of the site of topical application of 3 µmols of PDC on the development of contact sensitivity in guinea pigs has been studied. The mean sensitivity induced was decreased by excision within the first 24 hr but more than half of the animals developed some degree of sensitivity even when excision took place at 1 hr. Animals with reduced geometric mean sensitivity were similar to control guinea pigs sensitized with 1 µmol of PDC; they were not tolerant to PDC when resensitized with 3 µmols. If two processes are associated with contact sensitization—1) passive drainage of sensitizer into the regional lymph node, and 2) assisted drainage into the node in association with lymphocytes (“peripheral sensitization”), then sensitization to the substituted dinitrobenzenes may be associated to a greater degree with assisted drainage of sensitzer into the regional node than is sensitization to PDC.

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