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A Modified Giemsa Stain for Demonstrating Basophils in Glycol Methacrylate-Embedded Tissue Sections

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June 1981


A simple modified Giemsa-staining technique for light microscopy studies of human tissue basophils has been devised which combines the convenience of routine histologic microtomy with the high optical resolution obtainable with sections of plastic embedded tissue. Human skin or other tissues are embedded in glycol methacrylate, sectioned at 1 to 2 um with steel knives and stained at room temperature. Dye penetration of embedded tissue is excellent and basophils and other granulocytes in the tissues are stained in shades closely approximating those seen in Giemsa-stained blood smears. Basophils are readily distinguished from mast cells on a morphologic basis because of the high optical resolution possible in thin sections.