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Parlin, a General Microcomputer Program for Parallel-Line Analysis of Bioassays

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American Journal of Clinical Pathology

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April 1986


Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology


Commonly used manual and calculator methods for analysis of clinically important parallel-line bioassays are subject to operator bias and provide neither confidence limits for the results nor any indication of their validity. To remedy this, the authors have written a general program for statistical analysis of these bioassays for the IBM Personal Computer and its compatibles. The program has been used for analysis of bioassays for specific coagulation factors and inflammatory lymphokines and for radioimmunoassays for prostaglandins. The program offers a choice of no transform, logarithmic, or logit transformation of data, which are fitted to parallel lines for standard and unknown. It analyzes the fit for parallelism and linearity with an F test, and calculates the best estimate of the result and its 95% confidence limits. Comparison of results calculated by PARLIN with those previously obtained manually shows excellent correlation (r greater than 0.99). Results obtained using PARLIN are quickly available with current assay technics and provide a complete evaluation of the bioassay at no increase in cost.