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A Provider Global Assessment Quality Measure for Clinical Practice for Inflammatory Skin Disorders

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March 2019




In our evolving health care system, dermatologists are increasingly being asked to prove the value of care they provide to patients with severe skin diseases. Current quality measures for inflammatory dermatoses have limited validity and feasibility. Through collaboration and a modified Delphi process, International Dermatology Outcome Measures and the American Academy of Dermatology sought to reach consensus on a valid and feasible provider-assessed global disease severity metric to be incorporated into a quality measure for inflammatory dermatoses. To inform the modified Delphi process, a review of the literature was performed, and data were collected on current provider-assessed global disease severity metrics. After literature review, 36 members of International Dermatology Outcome Measures and the American Academy of Dermatology participated in the modified Delphi process to reach consensus on features of the metric. Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne achieved overwhelming consensus for inflammatory dermatoses that could be measured in a global disease severity metric. Consensus was also reached on the use of a 5-point ordinal scale with descriptors provided through referenced electronic platforms. Expert development of quality measures incorporating this metric and its inclusion in data collection platforms are critical to enabling dermatologists to prove the value of care provided to patients with severe inflammatory dermatoses.