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Downregulation of miR-200c Stabilizes XIAP mRNA and Contributes to Invasion and Lung Metastasis of Bladder Cancer

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Cell Adhesion & Migration

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December 2019


Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology


Our previous studies have demonstrated that XIAP promotes bladder cancer metastasis through upregulating RhoGDIbeta/MMP-2 pathway. However, the molecular mechanisms leading to the XIAP upregulation was unclear. In current studies, we found that XIAP was overexpressed in human high grade BCs, high metastatic human BCs, and in mouse invasive BCs. Mechanistic studies indicated that XIAP overexpression in the highly metastatic T24T cells was due to increased mRNA stability of XIAP that was mediated by downregulated miR-200c. Moreover, the downregulated miR-200c was due to CREB inactivation, while miR-200c downregulation reduced its binding to the 3'-UTR region of XIAP mRNA. Collectively, our results demonstrate the molecular basis leading to XIAP overexpression and its crucial role in BC invasion.