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Heart Failure and Cognitive Impairment: Clinical Relevance and Therapeutic Considerations

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Current Cardiology Reviews

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January 2019




Heart failure (HF) is a devastating condition characterized by poor quality of life, numerous complications, high rate of readmission and increased mortality. HF is the most common cause of hospitalization in the United States especially among people over the age of 64 years. The number of people grappling with the ill effects of HF is on the rise as the number of people living to an old age is also on the increase. Several factors have been attributed to these high readmission and mortality rates among which are; poor adherence with therapy, inability to keep up with clinic appointments and even failure to recognize early symptoms of HF deterioration which may be a result of cognitive impairment. Therefore, this review seeks to compile the most recent information about the links between HF and dementia or cognitive impairment. We also assessed the prognostic consequences of cognitive impairment complicating HF, therapeutic strategies among patients with HF and focus on future areas of research that would reduce the prevalence of cognitive impairment, reduce its severity and also ameliorate the effect of cognitive impairment coexisting with HF.