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Comparison Of Digital Manometer And Water Column Manometer Pressures Measurements During Lumbar Puncture

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Medical Devices

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October 2019




Background: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure measurement is routinely performed via a conventional water column manometer. There is increasing interest in using a digital manometer in measuring CSF pressures. The aim of this study is to compare column and digital manometers, in addition to measuring time to acquire the pressure readings. Research design and methods: This prospective study included 27 patients who were referred for a fluoroscopically guided lumbar puncture. Opening pressure and closing pressure measurements were done with a digital manometer and then a traditional water column manometer. The time to obtain each pressure measurement was also recorded and compared. Results: Mean time to obtain pressure reading was significantly lower in the digital manometer group when compared to the water column manometer group (8.1 seconds vs. 42.2 seconds, P<0.05 for opening pressure and 8.92 seconds vs. 45.15 seconds, P<0.05 for closing pressure). Correlation between the opening pressure measurements (Pearson coefficient r= 0.98) and closing pressure (Pearson coefficient r= 0.89) was strong. However, the digital manometer reading consistently read higher. Conclusion: Digital manometry during an LP yielded is faster however there might be a clinical difference between the devices. Clinicians must be careful in using the device across all cases.