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Geospatial Analysis of Refugee Access to Primary Care Physicians in San Antonio, Texas

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Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health

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December 2019


Health Policy and Management


This study investigated refugee access to primary care physicians (PCP) in San Antonio, Texas. Catholic Charities of San Antonio (CCSA) is the primary agency responsible for connecting refugees to a PCP. Data on refugees were collected from CCSA between May to September 2013 (N = 547). PCPs information was accessed at the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) website. The 2SFCA method was used in geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze the ratio of healthcare providers relative to refugees within varying walking distances. The highest concentration of accessibility was at 20 min distance in the Medical Center area. The highest concentration of accessibility at all walking distances were also in the Medical Center area. The univariate and multivariate analyses did not result in significant findings for the association between demographic variables and the accessibility scores. These findings recommend building new and more relationships with healthcare providers where PCPs access is low.