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Lifestyle Characteristics of Parental Electronic Cigarette and Marijuana Users: Healthy or Not?

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Objective To assess lifestyle characteristics among parental electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), marijuana and tobacco users. Methods A total of 1214 parents (77% mothers and 23% fathers) were surveyed and categorized into five exposure groups: e-cigarette use only (1%), marijuana use only (3%), tobacco products only (10%), multi-exposed [11% (marijuana, e-cigarette and tobacco)], and non-users [75% (no e-cigarette, tobacco or marijuana)]. Results Similar to non-users, the e-cigarette group had no illicit drug use. Further, e-cigarette users were more likely, in adjusted models, to self-identify as non-smokers and exercise compared with tobacco and multi-exposed groups. Although marijuana users also had higher odds of self-identifying as non-smokers compared to tobacco and multi-exposed groups, they were more likely than non-users to drink alcohol. Conclusion E-cigarette and marijuana using parents were less likely to identify as smokers. E-cigarette users had healthier lifestyle characteristics than the other exposed groups. Clinicians should consider specifically screening for parental e-cigarette and marijuana use as assessing for only "smoking" may underrepresent first-and second-hand exposure. Additionally, clinicians should be aware that marijuana using parents are more likely to drink alcohol and should counsel accordingly.

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