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Factors Related to Linguistic Content in Video Narrative of Adolescents with Cancer and Healthy Controls.

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Journal of Psycholinguistic Research

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A long history exists of the utilization of narratives to help young people cope with stress and illness. Research is beginning to focus on video based story-telling for the purpose of intervention, however little research has been conducted to look at factors that influence the narrative content of these films. As a pilot, and within the context of a larger study, the current research was conducted with n = 10 adolescents with cancer and n = 10 healthy peers exploring participant characteristics (e.g. personality, quality of life, etc.) and their relationship with linguistic consent of the film. Despite little to no differences identified in demographic characteristics, results identified distinct differences between each group, suggesting that linguistic aspects of film narratives differ in adolescents with and without cancer. This research can serve to motivate future directions of exploration surrounding the content of film narratives and their relationship to patient well-being.

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