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Nueve Meses Después de la Declaración de la OMS; la Experiencia del COVID-19 en la Ciudad de Nueva York [Nine Months after the WHO Declaration: The New York City COVID-19 Experience]

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Center for Disaster Medicine

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Public Health


Key Points

  • Although New York City (and surrounding areas) has overcome the initial wave of COVID-19 and was the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, it is now (in August) demonstrating a constant decrease in terms of new cases and hospitalizations.
  • The majority of the United States is now (in August) experiencing an increase in new cases and hospitalizations as part of the initial wave of COVID-19.
  • Until safe and efficient treatments or vaccines are available to the public, the best strategy to follow is: stay home if possible, wear face coverings, maintain physical distance and frequent hand hygiene.
  • If you stay home, there is no exposure; if there is no exposure, there is no risk of infection; if there is no infection, there is no risk of illness; if there is no illness, there if no risk of death.
  • Public health needs to guide the economic stability of regions.
  • Public health and economics need to collaborate not compete with each other.