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Pediatric Ocular Surface Disease Associated with Suspected Abuse

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Journal of AAPOS : The Official Publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

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PURPOSE: To describe one of the largest case series of children whose ocular surface disease was strongly suspicious for nonaccidental injury (NAI).

METHODS: This multicenter retrospective case series includes 4 patients whose presentations were concerning for anterior segment NAI. The history, examination, treatment, and outcomes of these patients is presented, along with a brief review of case reports in the literature.

RESULTS: A broad spectrum of anterior segment findings was noted in our case series and in cases previously reported in the literature. NAI appears to be associated with bilateral and recurrent disease as well as improvement during hospitalization that is better than initially expected.

CONCLUSIONS: Ocular surface NAI is a diagnosis of exclusion and necessitates a thorough history and examination. Clinician concern for ocular NAI should prompt examination or referral for signs of other bodily injuries, especially in young children. Siblings of patients who have received the diagnosis of NAI may also be at risk.

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