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Alzheimer’s Disease Patients in Areas Endemic for Lyme and Related Tick Borne Diseases are Now also being Exposed to the New Risk, of Infection with Coronavirus COVID-19

Robert A. Ollar, New York Medical College


“Coronavirus COVID-19 circa 2020, poses a potential new risk factor to Alzheimer’s disease patients, and exposes them to additional neuropathogenic events”.

Alzheimer’s disease is associated with advancing memory impairment and additionally “behavior disturbances and profound deterioration of daily life activities” [1]. Dementia is a disease most frequently associated with individuals of advancing age [2]. Alzheimer’s disease is most frequently associated with dementia in elderly patients [2]. This disease is “morphologically characterized by extracellular beta-amyloid plaque deposition, intra-neuronal tau pathology, neuronal death vascular dysfunction and inflammatory processes"