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Sarcopenia and Cardiac Dysfunction

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Cardiology in Review

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Review Article

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Although muscle loss is part of the natural course of human aging, sarcopenia has been associated with an increased risk of physical disability and mortality in older patients. Many heart failure patients concomitantly develop deficits in muscle mass and strength, resulting in decreased quality of life and exercise capacity. An underlying state of inflammation is central to the development of sarcopenia and muscle wasting in heart failure; however, additional research in human models is needed to further delineate the pathophysiology of muscle wasting in these patients. Previous studies have shed light on many of the potential targets for therapeutic intervention of sarcopenia in heart failure; however, physical exercise remains the prominent beneficial intervention. Future research must explore other therapeutic interventions in randomized, double-blind clinical trials, which may help to supplement exercise regimens. Sarcopenia shows promise as an easily measured predictor of outcomes after transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

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