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Gene 33/Mig6/ERRFI1, an Adapter Protein with Complex Functions in Cell Biology and Human Diseases

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Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology


Gene 33 (also named Mig6, RALT, and ERRFI1) is an adapter/scaffold protein with a calculated molecular weight of about 50 kD. It contains multiple domains known to mediate protein-protein interaction, suggesting that it has the potential to interact with many cellular partners and have multiple cellular functions. The research over the last two decades has confirmed that it indeed regulates multiple cell signaling pathways and is involved in many pathophysiological processes. Gene 33 has long been viewed as an exclusively cytosolic protein. However, recent evidence suggests that it also has nuclear and chromatin-associated functions. These new findings highlight a significantly broader functional spectrum of this protein. In this review, we will discuss the function and regulation of Gene 33, as well as its association with human pathophysiological conditions in light of the recent research progress on this protein.