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Therapeutic Angiogenesis in Coronary Artery Disease: a Review of Mechanisms and Current Approaches

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Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs

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INTRODUCTION: Despite tremendous advances, the shortcomings of current therapies for coronary disease are evidenced by the fact that it remains the leading cause of death in many parts of the world. There is hence a drive to develop novel therapies to tackle this disease. Therapeutic approaches to coronary angiogenesis have long been an area of interest in lieu of its incredible, albeit unrealized potential.

AREAS COVERED: This paper offers an overview of mechanisms of native angiogenesis and a description of angiogenic growth factors. It progresses to outline the advances in gene and stem cell therapy and provides a brief description of other investigational approaches to promote angiogenesis. Finally, the hurdles and limitations unique to this particular area of study are discussed.

EXPERT OPINION: An effective, sustained, and safe therapeutic option for angiogenesis truly could be the paradigm shift for cardiovascular medicine. Unfortunately, clinically meaningful therapeutic options remain elusive because promising animal studies have not been replicated in human trials. The sheer complexity of this process means that numerous major hurdles remain before therapeutic angiogenesis truly makes its way from the bench to the bedside.