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Outcomes of COVID-19 in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: A Matched Cohort Study

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Transplant Infectious Disease : an official journal of the Transplantation Society

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Whether solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients are at increased risk of poor outcomes due to COVID-19 in comparison to the general population remains uncertain. In this study, we compared outcomes of SOT recipients and non-SOT patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in a propensity score matched analysis based on age, race, ethnicity, BMI, diabetes, and hypertension. After propensity matching, 117 SOT recipients and 350 non-SOT patients were evaluated. The median age of SOT recipients was 61 years, with a median time from transplant of 5.68 years. The most common transplanted organs were kidney (48%), followed by lung (21%), heart (19%), and liver (10%). Overall, SOT recipients were more likely to receive COVID-19 specific therapies and to require ICU admission. However, mortality (23.08% in SOT recipients vs. 23.14% in controls, P = .21) and highest level of supplemental oxygen (P = .32) required during hospitalization did not significantly differ between groups. In this propensity matched cohort study, SOT recipients hospitalized with COVID-19 had similar overall outcomes as non-SOT recipients, suggesting that chronic immunosuppression may not be an independent risk factor for poor outcomes in COVID-19.