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Post-COVID Care Center to Address Rehabilitation Needs in COVID-19 Survivors: A Model of Care

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American Journal of Medical Quality

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Obstetrics and Gynecology


The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2019 pandemic surge left a large cohort of patients vulnerable to cardiopulmonary, neurological, and psychiatric complications. This post-COVID Care center was established to identify patients with disease sequalae and deliver early multidisciplinary rehabilitation services. The evaluation included comprehensive history and physicals, screening tests, labs, and imaging to determine appropriate specialist referrals. After a 6-month period, 278 unique referrals were made to address symptoms reported by 114 patients in specialities including pulmonology, cardiology, and psychiatry. This framework allowed for individualized patient treatment and monitoring of disease after the acute phase of infection. This study highlights the substantial physical and psychosocial impact a coronavirus disease 2019 infection has on patients' long-term trajectory and emphasizes the need for early targeted rehabilitation Post-COVID Care centers. As the world transitions into the chronic phase of this pandemic, this model of care will provide a framework to improve the quality of health care delivery.